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This collection of resources includes tools created by Montessori Collective and by members of our community. We have also included links to resources from other organizations that we love. 

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Math Task Cards

Montessori children are great at math calculations! Our collection of math task cards support children in applying their mathematical knowledge to challenging tasks aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The cards cover standards across multiple grade levels, ordered by complexity and abstraction, thus honoring the spiral nature of the Montessori curriculum while meeting the requirements of the CCSS. 

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These cards cover all of the fraction standards from 3rd through 6th grades.

Access here

Coming summer of 2022!

These cards cover all of the addition and subtraction standards from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Coming summer of 2022!

These cards cover all of the multiplication and division standards from third to sixth grade.

Coming summer of 2022!

These cards cover multi-step word problems from second to sixth grade.


Number Sense Screeners from Forefront Education

These free screeners, administered three times per year, assess the key elements of number sense in kindergarten through sixth grade. 

Data Collection

These spreadsheets enable you to record and analyze data collected from the Universal Screeners for Number Sense from Forefront Education.

Access here

Other Resources

Public Montessori in Action has excellent tools and resources, many of which are free.

How to Apply for Materials Waiver in Colorado

Guide we have created to help schools apply for materials waivers in Colorado

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